Hydroma India Pvt Ltd is started in year 2001 with the aim to trade the leading Indian and foreigh brands in India. Hydroma is basically dealing in hydraulic products. Now along with trading company it has added its name in the manufacturing company too. It manufacture AC & DC power packs too. Help in desinging circuit and provide guidance in developmemt of new products.


Worm geared motors Helical worm geared motors
Sizes 063-075-090-110 Sizes 063-075-090-110
M2max(1400rpm) 700 Nm M2max(1400rpm) 1100 Nm
Ratio 5: 100 Ratio 22.8 : 1083
Power Up to 9.2 kW Power Up to 2.2 kW


Worm geared motors worm geared motors
Sizes 025-030-040-050-063
Sizes 030-040-050-063-075
M2max(1400rpm) 1550 Nm M2max(1400rpm) 1550 Nm
Ratio 5: 100 Ratio 5: 100
Power Up to 15 kW Power Up to 15 kW

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