Hydroma India Pvt Ltd is started in year 2001 with the aim to trade the leading Indian and foreigh brands in India. Hydroma is basically dealing in hydraulic products. Now along with trading company it has added its name in the manufacturing company too. It manufacture AC & DC power packs too. Help in desinging circuit and provide guidance in developmemt of new products.


To ensure that our products are aptly supported with application and technical support, a top notch team with engineers having expertise in various segments and domains are available 24/7. Our customer support technicians are always focused on ensuring that demands are met on real time basis.
Our product portfolio is supported by a state of the art technology, ware housing and stocking to enable customer requests are adhered within a short notice. Our customer support is backed by a large spare parts stockfor all our product portfolios.

  • 1) Radial piston motors - Fixed and variable
  • 2) High pressure and medium pressure axial piston pumps and motors for open loop and closed loop applications
  • 3) Disc and spool valve motors
  • 4) High pressure, Low noise internal gear pumps
  • 5) Gerotors
  • 6) Worm, Helical and bevel speed reducers
  • 7) Planetary Gear boxes, slew drives, track drives, wheel drives
  • 8) Concrete mixer Hydrostatic transmissions and Gear boxes